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In addition to our testing, AST also offers unmatched next level training for every athlete and every sport through our AST approved and certified training partners.

All of our certified training partners offer individual and team training at your location or their facility, in order to help any athlete and team maximize their performance in their respective sport. 

Many athletes train and train hard, but all the training in the world, without any kind of accurate, continuous measurement or benchmark to build on, is useless. 

This is where All Sports Testing training stands apart from all others, our testing allows athletes, coaches and organizations to create and establish a benchmark for each athlete. While providing our training partners valuable insight into customizing a training plan and path for each athlete, to build and improve upon any strengths or weaknesses. 

This combination of All Sports Testing and its certified training partners provide each athlete the best opportunity to reach their true potential in any sport and any future AST testing.


Contact AST today at to schedule your sport specific training with an AST approved and certified training partner.


Calling All Trainers.......

**If you would like more information about how to become an Approved, Certified All Sports Testing Training Partner contact Dave Rodgers at or call 1-844-564-6278.

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