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In the fast moving, competitive sport of ice hockey, athletes need sports testing to determine where their strengths and weaknesses are in relation to their teammates and peers. As more and more intramural, travel, club, school, and professional teams become available to players, athletes need to know where they rank in certain areas in order to get noticed in the sport.

Many athletes train hard, but all the training in the world without any kind of accurate data measurement or benchmark to build on, is counterproductive.

With All Sports Testing's ice hockey specific testing, you can do just that. Be it the fastest around the ice, the hardest shot on net, or the quickest to the puck, AST's customized testing gets you your stats.

Get tested as often as you'd like, find your rank by team, locally, regionally and nationally, and get more out of ice hockey with

All Sport's Testing advanced, accurate intuitive technology.

To schedule your Ice Hockey team or organization's testing,

call AST or contact your sports director.

Ice Hockey Director

Vincent Rosica


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