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In the highly competitive sport of basketball, athletes need sports testing to determine where their strengths and weaknesses are.  

As more and more intramural, travel, club, AAU, school, and professional teams become available to players, athletes need to know their exact athletic performance measurements, in order to maximize the potential to getting noticed in the sport.

Many athletes train hard, but all the training in the world without any kind of accurate data measurement or baseline to build on, is counterproductive. 

All Sports Testing's basketball-specific, NBA-Like testing provides that all important baseline. Be it jumping the highest, the quickest change of direction defender, the hardest passer, or the quickest up the court. 

AST's customized testing documents all these measurements for you and provides each athlete an Athlete Performance Report with all the detailed testing information. Coaches also receive a Full Team Performance Report with all the results from their team's testing.


Get tested as often as you'd like, find your rank by team, locally, regionally and nationally, and take your basketball performance to a another level with All Sport's Testing advanced, accurate, and intuitive technology.

To Get a Quote/Schedule your Basketball team or organization's testing, click here:, email below or call 1-844-JOIN AST.

Basketball Director

Jeff Klein


Youth Basketball Team


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