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All Sports Testing, LLC is a Mobile, Independent, Athlete Performance Testing and Measurement Company, revolutionizing the way athletes of all ages, are tested, analyzed and developed in their specific sport.

AST offers the most advanced and accurate, youth to professional, athlete performance testing in the world, ensuring consistent, unbiased and valid results every time.  Our state of the art, hi-tech equipment, utilized and trusted by many professional leagues and athlete evaluations globally, participants can complete a variety of physical and technical related tests, like speed, agility, transition, reaction time, acceleration, jump and sport-specific tests, all with visual results, available in real time.  


Many athletes train and train hard, but without any kind of accurate measurement, is counterproductive.


AST testing establishes that all important performance baseline for each athlete.  This baseline provides the athlete, their coach and/or trainer, the ability to work on any weaknesses and build upon strengths, as they progress through their daily sports endeavors.


The best part about AST, is that we come to your location to perform the testing, any field, any court, any rink or open space that you have approval to use, we will be there.

AST offers many performance testing and measurement packages like full combines to complete athlete assessments, including height and weight, laser speed and agility, jump and radar shot speed, to laser speed only packages.

AST also offers many additional sport-specific packages, which can be customized, according to the wants and needs of each team or organization.

Our main mission is to help athletes realize their true potential in the sport or sports they love to play.

To Get a Quote or Schedule your team or organization's testing,

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call 1-844-JOIN AST (564-6278)

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