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Athletes in the world's fastest moving sport, football, need sports testing to see where they stand out and what they need to improve upon. With an ever increasing number of intramural, travel, club, school and professional teams, athletes are breaking boundaries to get noticed in the sport.

Many athletes train hard, but all the training in the world without any kind of accurate data measurement or benchmark to build on, is counterproductive.

With All Sports Testing's football-specific testing, you can see your stats, track your stats and work to improve your stats just like the pros.  Be the fastest on the field, the quickest to the ball or jump the highest to make the catch, all with AST's customized testing.

Get tested as often as you'd like, find your rank by team, locally, regionally and nationally, and realize your true potential for football with All Sport's Testing advanced, accurate and intuitive technology.


To schedule your Football team or organization's testing today,

call AST or Email:

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